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Another light cabinet photo, below...
Dick Williams performed first authorized
version of Harbin's
Zig Zag illusion on
American TV (April 4th, 1971). Photo
shows Zig-Zag at a stage show, later.
The beginning of Dick Williams' Harvey
the Rabbit routine, which was on his top
10 list. Based on Charles' Out of my Hat,
now owned by Abbott's.
January 1981
A bit of trivia: The first Magicland show
in full-color was on November 26, 1966.
Dick & Virginia Williams
(Sub Trunk / Houdini's Metamorphosis illusion)
Local TV guide (Commercial Appeal)
Lakeland, TN
Cake by wife, Virginia. There were 700 shows after this!
Fifth from the left is Saul Kaplan, McDonald's sponsor
(continuously sponsored for 23 years). Saul passed in 2016.
Dick started in radio, in Kansas, when he was
17. This photo from Sept. 1947, age 20 (?)
Dick performed over 300 magic shows on KGNC (now KAMR) TV channel 4 (NBC)
in Amarillo, TX...before his
Magicland show in Memphis, TN (over 1200 shows).
Magicland show tapings in Memphis, TN (circa 1970s)
Mid-South Fair stage show (mid-1970s): daughter Sherry.
Magicland show taping in Memphis, TN (circa 1970s)             Portrait by Jerry "The King" Lawler
Weatherman at
WMC-TV5 for decades
Mid-South Fair show
Studio taping
Lightbulb Cabinet
Funny Fotos at 1970s stage show
Juggling Indian clubs
(taught by "Buster" Barnard)
Love for magic at an early age
KGNC in Amarillo, TX
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