Dick Williams and his assistant (his wife, Virginia) did 1200 Magicland shows over 23 years,
from 1966 until 1989. A lot of people in TN, AR, and MS grew up watching

Dick Williams made Memphis a fun place to grow up...
they just don't have television like that anymore. I wish my kids could watch it now. -Terry
Magicland memories
EVERYBODY in Memphis watched “Magicland with
Dick Williams.” Mr. Magic ended every broadcast with
his “spocklike” four-finger trick (split them outward
in pairs into a Mr. Spock “live long and prosper”
greeting, and then keep the middle two together
while the index and pinkie split outward…try it…it’s
not that easy to do 70 times in a row…with both
hands…). -Kerry

I just wanted to give my heartfelt thanks to the
Williams. Mostly I want to thank you for the show
and all of the memories it produced. But the real
reason I wanted to say thank you is that while you
were great people on TV, (I never met you guys in
person,) I have read that you were the nicest
people off camera too. Thanks for being great and
thoughtful people that contributed a lot to the
culture and history of our home, Memphis
Tennessee. -Clint

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Magicland was on for 23 years, with 52 episodes a year. That's
more seasons than a lot of shows. Three's Company was on for 8
seasons with 21 episodes the last season. Seinfeld ran for 9
seasons, Friends for 10, and Cheers ran for 11 seasons.
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