Dick Williams and his assistant (his wife, Virginia) did 1200 Magicland shows over 23 years,
from 1966 until 1989. A lot of people in TN, AR, and MS grew up watching

"He was part of my childhood. Everybody around here remembers Mr. Magic!" -Matt

"Dick Williams made Memphis a fun place to grow up...
they just don't have television like that anymore. I wish my kids could watch it now." -Terry
Magicland memories
EVERYBODY in Memphis watched
“Magicland with Dick Williams.” Mr. Magic
ended every broadcast with his “spocklike”
four-finger trick (split them outward in
pairs into a Mr. Spock “live long and
prosper” greeting, and then keep the
middle two together while the index and
pinkie split outward…try it…it’s not that
easy to do 70 times in a row…with both
hands…). -Kerry

"Many a young child my age, I'm sure,
longed to stay home from church on
Sunday mornings just to see what sort of
tricks Dick had up his sleeve had for any
given week." -Stacy

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Magicland was on for 23 years, with 52 episodes a year. That's
more seasons than a lot of shows. Three's Company was on for 8
seasons with 21 episodes the last season. Seinfeld ran for 9
seasons, Friends for 10, and Cheers ran for 11 seasons.
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