Remember Dick "Mr. Magic" Williams - star of the longest-running
TV magic show in history?
(Guinness World Record)

For 23 years (1966-1989), Mr. Magic brought fun and interaction to
kids (young and old alike) via his TV show
in Memphis, TN. It was a
TV era where shows were often innocent and entertaining...the kind
of shows that many parents wish were still on the air today.

Hundreds of magical effects were maintained. The Williams' kept
index files noting each effect, the patter, and the date of broadcast.

here for a Magicland video montage (Thanks to Michael
Clayton). More YouTube clips: Clip 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Here's a 15th
anniversary show
clip. Email us to share other posted clips. Here
are some nice comments on Facebook.

Updates: 3/07-Mr. Magic broke his upper left leg, then suffered a
head injury at rehab. 3/11- Mr. Magic donated some items and
photos to the Pink Palace Museum (items may be included in a
future exhibit covering that era). 7/13- Happy 86th Birthday!

We hope you enjoy a few
memories on Mr. Magic's website!

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