Remember Dick "Mr. Magic" Williams - star of
the longest-running TV magic show in history?

(Guinness World Record)

For 23 years (Jan. 1966-Jan. 1989), Mr. Magic brought fun and
interaction to kids (young and old alike) via his TV show in
Memphis, TN. It was a TV era where shows were often innocent
and entertaining...the kind of shows that many parents wish were
still on the air today.

Hundreds of magical effects were maintained. The Williams' kept
index files noting each effect, the patter, and the date of broadcast.

We hope you enjoy a few
memories on Mr. Magic's website!

March 2007: Mr. Magic broke his upper left leg, then suffered a
head injury at a rehab facility.
March 2011: Mr. Magic donated
some items and photos to the Pink Palace Museum (items may
be included in a future exhibit covering that era).
July 2015:
Happy 88th Birthday, Mr. Magic!

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age 80
Best wishes always,
You've done an excellent job with the website. It not only honors a man who has brought an incredible amount of joy to so many in his
community for so many years, but also serves that same community today by helping to rekindle fond memories."
- Ed Hurt, May 2014

“Dick Williams and MagicLand was one of the instrumental players in my development as a magician.
Each week Dick provided good
wholesome entertainment which is so rare on television. His charismatic personality drew you in and for 30 minutes you stepped into
his magic land.  
He was always open to talking about magic and sharing his passion with fellow magicians. His creativity and skill went
way beyond what was seen on television each week. I wish I could have acquired some of his organizational skills and attention to detail.
I still model some of my select routines after his ideas. He was and is a great friend in magic.      
-Michael Clayton, May 2014
Special Thanks to Michael Clayton
for putting together this montage video!!!
Dick Williams'
Did you know?

The early years of Dick Williams'
Magicland was taped on movie film. It
was so costly that shows were taped
over so very little footage remains.
A bit of trivia: The first Magicland show in full-color was on November 26, 1966.
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